Overview of the CFA Institute Codes and Standards

The CFA Institute Codes and Standards are the Gold Standard of best practices for investment firms, professionals and other participants in the investment industryThese Codes and Standards are globally applicable and free to adopt and comply with.
The four top-level groupings of industry participants that these codes and standards apply to are:
A. Investment Managers – across all asset classes and strategies and include asset owners like corporate pension trustees that market their services to the general public
B. Brokers/Dealers and Other Advisors – including corporate finance advisors and other investment banking firms
C. Asset Owners – including public or state pension funds, boards of directors of foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, etc
D. Issuers –  issuers of securities
In this post, I have listed the set of codes applicable to each group of investment firms and their professionals, as a starting point for your firm’s review, adoption and compliance.

Codes and Standards By Industry Firm/Participant Groupings

You can download this guide to use as top-level reference and to share with your team to begin the discussions for adoption and compliance.

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