Master the Step-by-Step Application of the GIPS Standards to Begin Implementation in 8 Weeks

Join this online program to master the key principles of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS standards) based on our 9-step proprietary framework that will have you ready to implement the Standards with clarity and ease by the end of the 8-week program.

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September 15, 2022


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The GIPS Compliance Mastery Program

Do you know that over 1800+ organizations in 48+ markets claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)? 

Compliance with the GIPS standards is no longer a 'nice-to-have' title to flash around, but is now a must-have minimum passport to get a seat at the 'serious manager' table in an increasingly global investment management industry.

But how do you navigate through the thousands of pages of GIPS materials especially if you are like most professionals - juggling multiple competing tasks?

Developed over a decade of iterations and incorporating lessons learnt and client feedback, this 2-part online GIPS Compliance Mastery Program (GIPS Compliance Principles Mastery Program and GIPS Implementer Principles Mastery Program) uses our 9-step proprietary case-based framework to help you to quickly master the key principles of the GIPS standards in a step-by-step, well-paced approach that also easily fits into a busy schedule, so you will be ready to implement the GIPS standards with clarity and ease.

This program doesn't just walk you through the rules of the Standards (you can read them yourself) but uses an implementation focused, case-based approach that  helps you master the principles of the GIPS Standards by equipping you to apply it to the different use cases.


For investment managers and asset owners considering compliance, completing the 2-part program (GIPS Principles Mastery Program & GIPS Diagnostics & Planning Mastery Program)  is ideal for you to master both the key principles, conduct a self-diagnostics for your firm and create the implementation plan to begin implementing the Standards and claim compliance.

Industry Professionals

For investment industry regulators and other industry professionals seeking a mastery of the principles of the GIPS standards, the first part of the program (GIPS Principles Mastery Program) is ideal for you to both master the principles as well as obtain a hands-on demonstration of the principles as they will be applied by investment managers and asset owners.

Join 250+ Professionals

A must-do for industry professionals

This is a must for investment management professionals.

Private clients
Leonie A.

Educative & helpful - highly recommended

Overall, the content of the sessions were well-structured and very helpful, and the information content was comprehensive and excellently presented. Highly recommended for finance professionals.

Derrick D.
Petra Trust, GH
1: Fundamental Principles Course

This is the first level course of our online, three-level Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) principles courses. Its purpose is to equip professionals with knowledge about the steps to take to comply with the GIPS, before embarking on the compliance implementation journey.

2: Evaluation principles course

This is the second, intermediate-level course of our online, three-level Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) principles courses. Its purpose is to equip professionals with the skills to assess what they need to do and have in place, before embarking on the compliance implementation journey.

3: application principles course

This is the third, advanced level course of our online, three-level, Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) compliance principles courses. Its purpose is to teach professionals to master key processes and apply key methodologies necessary for compliance.

4: implementation mastery program

This add-on is for full program participants only and covers the three implementation courses; Implementation Diagnostics Mastery, Implementation Planning Mastery and Implementation Policies Mastery. It is recommended for implementing institutions of the Standards as part of their preparation towards implementation.

the two programs come packed with the following resources

What You Get When You Sign Up

Personalized Feedback

Assignments with custom feedback from your coach

Program Manual

Program manual with a summary of key concepts that you can keep

Additional Resources

Checklists and cheat sheets for practical post-course concepts application

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
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1-on-1 Coach Private Chat

1-on-one private coach chats for feedback, guidance and to keep you on track

for full program participants

Exclusive Bonuses

Post Program Skill Nurturing

6-Months Post Program Nurturing Program

We just don't leave you there after completing the program!

The 6-months post-program nurturing program will provide you with bite-sized review of the content covered over a six-month period, with various exercises to promote recall and mastery of the content covered, plus more downloadable resources 


Up to 2+ Hours of Feedback & Challenges Call

Get access to book Up to an hour each for feedback on your self-diagnostics report and implementation plan.

Also, get two 25-minute live calls to discuss other challenges with your coach.

Also get access to the coach chat area to have 1-on-1 chats with your program coach as you progress through the course content


3-Months Insider Pro Membership 

Get complimentary, premium member subscription access!

Our membership platform has more resources for long-term mastery and consolidation of concepts around the GIPS and other investment industry standards and regulations.

After completing the program, you get a 3-month premium subscription membership.

Implementation Discounts

 15% Off Implementation Coaching Service 

Also, get 15% discount to apply towards your purchase of our Implementation Coaching support services.

This Service provides coaching support services to your internal implementation team responsible for executing the compliance process within your firm.

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Program Options

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$1,497 $1,197

  • 3 Principles courses - See which ones
  • Implementation Diagnostics Course
  • Implementation Planning Course
  • Implementation Policies Course
  • Summary Manual for each Sub-course
  • Checklists and Cheat Sheets for each sub-course
  • Points and badges to redeem for discounts on other services
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions Access
  • 1-on-1 Coach Feedback
  • 6-months Post-program Skill Nurturing Program
  • Self-diagnostics tool access
  • Implementation Plan Template
  • Policies and Procedures Tool Access
  • 1-on-1 Coach Diagnostic Feedback Call
  • 1-on-1 Coach Plan Feedback Call
  • 1-on-1 Coach Policies Feedback Call
  • Two 25-minute 1-on-1 Challenges Call with Coach
  • 3-Months Insider Pro Access
  • 25% Discount on first 3 months of Implementation Coaching Support Program
  • Total of 6 Months Access to Program Content

$997 $797

  • 3 Principles Courses - See which ones
  • Weekly Q&A Session Access
  • 1-on-1 Coach Feedback
  • Summary Manual for each sub-course
  • Checklists & Cheat Sheets for each sub-course
  • Points and badges to redeem for discounts on other services
  • 25% Discount on 3-Months post-program skill nurturing program
  • 25% Discount on Insider Pro Membership for 3 months
  • Total of 6 Months Access to Program Content


Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will find this course valuable, that is why we offer this money-back guarantee. 

But if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this program, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days from the start of the program. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team or your program coach and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund, no questions asked!

Your Program Coach

Ivy Hesse, CFA, CIPM

Ivy has been at the forefront of advocacy efforts for the adoption and compliance of investment industry standards and ethics in Ghana first, and to the rest of Africa, for the past 9+ years.

Over the 17+ years of her professional career, she has either being learning about the Global Investment Performance Standards (through 3 different versions), and other ethical and professional standards, advocating for their use or teaching professionals, regulators and professional association members, how to adopt, master the principles and comply.

To date, she has provided specific GIPS standards training at both in-house corporate levels and at public seminars to over 250+ professionals

Her goal is to clarify and simplify compliance, and to make the process of learning such investment industry standards a life-long and fun quest.

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Achieve GIPS Compliance Mastery now

Our Programs Participants & Partners

Selected firms that have participated in our compliance training, advocacy programs and industry professional associations we partner with

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What is the Difference Between the Full Program and Principles Only

Below are the details of each option:

1. Full Program - GIPS Standards Compliance Program

The full program includes three (3) Compliance Principles Courses and three (3) Implementer Principles Courses as follows:

Compliance Principles

  • Fundamental Principles Course
  • Evaluation Principles Course
  • Application Principles Course

Implementer Principles Courses

  • Implementer Diagnostics Mastery
  • Implementer Planning Mastery
  • Implementer Policies Mastery
  • Plus additional resources and bonuses listed in the 'Pricing Table'

2. Principles Only - GIPS Standards Compliance Principles Program contains only the following Compliance Principles Courses:

  • Fundamental Principles Course
  • Evaluation Principles Course
  • Application Principles Course
  • Plus additional resources and bonuses listed in the 'Pricing Table'

When does this program start and end

The program starts on the indicated date for that enrollment session. The start date for this current session is September 15, 2022 and the schedule is available here for download.

how long will it take to complete this program

If you stick to the content schedule, you should be able to complete the program 8 weeks. But you will have up to 12 weeks in total, from the program start date, to complete the full program if you intend to get the customized feedback from your coach.

Otherwise, you have access to the Program for up to six months from the start date and you can complete at your own pace and receive your certificates, but the coach availability feature ends after 12-weeks from program start.

Where will this Program be Held

This program will be delivered online, through our online learning and membership portal, Composite Insider

will i receive a certificate

Yes. You will receive a 'Certificate of Completion' once you complete each course content and obtain the average passing score of 70% for graded assessments. You will have up to three attempts for each graded assessment in the program. 

And if your average passing score is 85% or higher for the entire program, you will receive a 'Certificate of Mastery' for the program you signed up for.

Does this program qualify for cfa institute professional learning credit

Yes, this program can be applied towards your CFA Institute Professional Learning Credits program, both the regular PL and SER as well. The credits will appear on each certificate and can be verified on our platform.

It can also be applied to any other relevant professional continuing education credit program.

Are There Discounts for This Program

Yes!  Here are some ways to get these discounts:

  1. Online Version Launch Discount - Get 20% off by joining this September session which marks the first time the program is being offered fully online instead of the previous face-to-face and hybrid programs (Apply Coupon SEPTEMBER20 at Checkout )
  2. Early Registration Discount (Up to 10% OFF) - Get 10% off by pre-registering between now and August 23, 2022. Complete the Pre-Registration Form here and receive the code via email.
  3. Corporate Bulk Discount (up to 15% OFF) - If your organization plans to send 3+ professionals for this program, select the disounts are applied at checkout once you select the number of attendees.
  4. Recognized Industry Association Discount (10% Off) - Get 10% off if you or your organization belongs to a recognized local investment industry association such as CFA local societies (individual professionals) or GSIA or Trustee Chamber (organizations in Ghana). Good standing status will be confirmed with your organization prior to discount emailing (complete discount request form here first and wait for verification and discount code before completing purchase).

do you have pricing for teams or organizations

Yes! We do offer organizational/team pricing discounts. See Corporate Bulk Discount (up to 15% OFF) here 

Is there a community for this program

Yes. You get access to the course discussion forums for each of the courses on our learning platform and you earn points for engaging with topics and with other participants. You can redeem these points later for some of our services

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