GIPS2020 Changes Series – #0 How We Help You

The GIPS Organization recently released the exposure draft for the much awaited major overhaul of the GIPS Standards since the last version was released in 2010.

Who Should be Concerned

Existing Compliant Firms

For existing compliant firms, knowing what is changing and how to prepare for it is critical for the continued validity of your firm’s claim of compliance. This is because, once the 2020 version becomes effective on January 1, 2020, existing compliant firms must be in a position to comply with all applicable requirements prospectively, to maintain their compliant status.

Prospective Compliant Firms, Regulators & Investors

For prospective compliant firms and stakeholders (industry regulators and investors) who are already familiar with the current format and requirements of the GIPS, understanding the changes is important because it changes the knowledge base of your professionals and the features of the systems and structures that you, as a prospective compliant firm, may have designed or considered for implementing the Standards within your firm.

All these changes must be relearned, evaluated and systems redesigned to support the new version of the standards.

How We Help You Master These Changes

Over the coming days and weeks leading up to the end of the commenting period (December 31, 2018), we will be publishing a series of content which will outline the proposed changes and their impact for consideration by existing and prospective compliant firms.

The types of content you should expect over the next 14 weeks are:

1. Short Audio Overview of changes

2. Short Video Presentations

2. Blog Posts on changes

4. Forum for Discussing changes

6. Polls for answering questions required by the GIPS Organization

7. Conference to Discuss these changes in addition to other developments in the investment industry

8. Public Course Seminar – Foundations of GIPS Compliance and Fundamental Principles of GIPS Compliance

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