#17 GIPS Asset Owner Report

'GIPS ASSET OWNER REPORT: An Asset Owner presentation for a Total Fund or Composite that contains all required information... ' Click to Tweet

Full Definition

This term is defined in the GIPS 2020 Exposure Draft as An ASSET OWNER’S presentation for a TOTAL FUND or COMPOSITE that contains all the information REQUIRED by the GIPS standards and may also include RECOMMENDED information or SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION.  

Key Points about This Term

  1. This term is new in the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) vocabulary.
  2. It comes with the incorporation of specific Standard sections for Asset Owners and represents the ‘compliant presentation’ that Asset Owners will be required to prepare for those with direct oversight responsibility over the fund as well as indirect fiduciaries and on websites, annual reports, newsletters and in other distributed materials.
  3. Fun Fact – It appears seventy-four (74) times in the Exposure Draft, excluding its appearance in the executive summary and comment sections.
  4. Possible Evolution under new Standards – Here to stay as part of the new Standards.