Non-Performing Listed Companies Update

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) released an update about its intended actions towards non-performing listed companies on its listings sanitization drive. The companies included in this update are:

  1. Aluworks Ltd (ALW)  – Will be delisted by December 2018 if a resolution is not found to its working capital challenges at the end of its ongoing discussions with major shareholders by end of September 2018. – WATCH LIST STATUS MAINTAINED
  2. Cocoa Processing Company Ltd (CPC) – Will be delisted by December 2018 if the company its financial results have still not been submitted. WATCH LIST STATUS MAINTAINED 
  3. Clydestone Ghana Ltd (CLYD) – Company has shown some improvements from last Facts Behind the Figures session in June 2018. If improvements continue through the end of September 2018, it will be removed from ‘Watch List’. LIKELY TO BE REMOVED FROM WATCH LIST

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