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Course Overview

This is the advanced level course of our three-part program on the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). It is structured to equip investment firms and asset owners looking to comply with the GIPS with the skills to practically implement the standards, using a case-based, step by step process.

The other courses in this three-part program are:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to practically apply the GIPS® Standards to assist a prospective compliant firm to become and stay compliant with the Standards by:

  1. Establishing the compliance infrastructure required through:
    1. Defining the scope within which compliance will be applied
    2. Outlining the range of activities involved in the compliance process
    3. Establishing policies and procedures for GIPS® compliance
    4. Constituting and establishing the GIPS® Compliance Implementation Team and their tasks
    5. Evaluating and establishing the appropriate software and IT infrastructure to support compliance data processing
    6. Establishing an effective recordkeeping infrastructure policies and procedures to support claim of compliance
  2. Identifying the range of input data and their sources required for compliance
  3. Extracting and sorting the needed input data for compliance from various sources
  4. Executing compliance for a given firm by applying the general GIPS® principles to:
    1. Construct composites
    2. Calculate various portfolio and composite level parameter values
    3. Identifying disclosures that must accompany compliant presentations for composites
    4. Preparing compliant presentations for composites
    5. Preparing an advertisement for compliant firm using the GIPS® Advertising Guidelines
    6. Applying the error correction methodology to errors identified in compliant presentations
    7. Monitoring and updating compliant presentation in line passage of time and changes in mandates, firm operations and changes in the Standards
  5. Executing compliance for a given Asset Owner
  6. Executing compliance for a Real Estate focused strategy or investment firm
  7. Executing compliance for a Private equity focused strategy or investment firm
  8. Executing compliance for a Widely Distributed Pooled Fund Manager

Preparing a given firm for verification and performance examination

Participants are expected to:

  1. have a working knowledge of the requirements and recommendations of the GIPS® Standards as well as evidenced by completion of the ‘Fundamental Principles of GIPS® and Foundational Principles of GIPS® Compliance’ courses or through self-study of the standards manual.
  2. be conversant with how the investment management industry works and the processes
  3. Have intermediate to advanced knowledge of functions within an investment management firm as well as key foundational investment industry concepts through relevant professional courses and/or work experience in relevant roles within the investment industry.

This knowledge and experience level will be assumed, and associated concepts are outside the scope of this course

Participants are awarded two certificates depending on the level of participation:

  • Certificate of Participation – For Course Completion only
  • Certificate of Distinction – Completing Course and Passing Online Test (70% Pass Mark)


This course is recommended for prospective compliant Investment firms and asset owners who have evaluated their firms and determined that they are able to comply with the GIPS® and require a practical walk-through of the processes and methodologies for compliance. Specifically, for:

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Performance Analysts
  • Fund Administrators
  • Fund Accountants
  • Investment Consultants
  • Technical Professionals of Regulatory Institutions (Securities Commissions, Insurance, Banking and Pensions)


In this first module, participants will identify the categories of the GIPS applicable to each type of prospective compliant firm and outline the key steps in the implementation process.


The second module will enable participants to outline the components and principles for the establishment of an appropriate compliance infrastructure for the prospective compliant firm


In the third module, participants will identify, extract and collate key information and data required for implementing the standards


In this fourth module, participants will execute various compliance processes to generate compliant presentations for the prospective compliant firm based on general GIPS principles.


In the fifth module, participants will execute various compliance processes to generate compliant presentations for the prospective compliant firm applying to specialized cases of real estate, private equity and asset owners.


The last module will equip participants with the skills to prepare adequately for a verification of the claim of compliance of a compliant firm

Group Live (Seminar/Corporate) – Two Full days (8:30 am to 5:00 pm for a Full Day )

Online Course Duration – TBA

Group Live Seminar – To Be Announced (TBA)

Course Fees

Live Seminars – $599 (GHC2550)

Online Course – $395


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